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Mail must be of normal size and not contain any contraband. All inmate mail must be sent to the following address:


(Inmate’s full name)
Reagan County Jail
320 N. Plaza
Big Lake, Texas 76932

  1. Outgoing mail will be delivered to the U.S. Post Office daily, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

  2. Incoming mail will be delivered to inmates on the same day received.

  3. Inflammatory writings and pornography will be rejected.

  4. The Sheriff, Chief Deputy and Jail Administrator will be the authority to accept or reject any of the above-described mail.

  5. Rejected mail will NOT be given to the inmate.


Non-privileged mail will be opened and screened for contraband and content.


All incoming non-privileged mail will be opened, read and checked for contraband. 


Do not send cash or checks, PICTURES, PHOTOGRAPHS or drawings including blank coloring sheets in the mail. They will not be accepted.


Inmate will be notified of any confiscated contraband.

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